Support Groups

Support Groups

Below, in alphabetical order, is a sampling of social benefit organizations and sources of information pertinent to the topics under review.

Please note that the content of these websites has not been checked by us for accuracy. Readers are advised in all instances to conduct their own due diligence.


Adelaide Freedom Rally

Advocate Me

Australian Vaccination Network

Constitution Watch

Concerned Lawyers Network

COVID Medical Network

COVID Victoria Legal Action

Human Rights Advocates

Informed Medical Opinions

Make Australia Healthy Again

Pan Immunity

People for Safe Vaccines

Reignite Democracy Australia

The Truth About COVID Vaccines

Thrival International

Vaccination Decisions


America’s Frontline Doctors

Chemical Violence

Childrens Health Defense

Circle of Mamas

COVID Call to Humanity

COVID Medical Network

Deadly Medicines

Doctors for COVID Ethics

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

Informed Consent Action Network – ICAN

Immunity Education Group

Immunity Resource Foundation

International Medical Council on Vaccination

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)


Our Voices Matter



Pandemic News

People for Safe Vaccines

Physicians for Informed Consent

Stand for Health Freedom

The Testimonies Project

Vaccination Liberation

Vaccine Choice Canada

Vaccine Damage News

Vaccine Deaths

Vaccine Impact

Vaccine News


VAERS | Vaccine Safety | CDC


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